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This is the last post about our trip to Asia in May 2010. All post about this trip can be found here. Thanks to the food poisoning in Macau our bus trip from Macau to Guangzhou felt really, really long… This made us appreciate China Travel Service’s well-oiled organization even more. They have a little booth right after you pass immigration to China, smack a sticker on your shirt when you buy a ticket, and have people at every corner that direct you to the bus stop. The bus left on time and a good two hours later we arrived at Jinan University in Guangzhou.

Our last few days in Guangzhou were pretty lazy. Marco was still recuperating from the crab and up until the last moment we were actually afraid that we were going to have to cancel or change our ticket. But luckily I have one tough boyfriend and the night before our flight from Hong Kong to Chicago, he felt well enough to take the train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Taking the MTR Intercity Through Train was a much better experience than taking the bus on the way there (see here). You go to the train station, Guangzhou East. You buy your ticket at the counter (only about $15- $20) and have a snack or soda in the bar while waiting for the check-in to open. Once it opens, you pass immigration to Hong Kong right there in Guangzhou, board the train, and 2 hours later you arrive at Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong. So much easier than boarding the bus, getting off for a passport control, getting back on the bus only to get off again with your luggage for immigration 5 minutes later, and finally back on to continue to your original destination – not fun! The train is definitely the better option!

We arrived in Hung Hom around 9pm and took a quick cab to our hotel, the Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers in Kowloon. We checked in and headed for a late dinner the Pierside, a bar with amazing harbor views. I would totally recommend that bar for their food and the view. They also have a great selection of drinks and really nice waiters who are happy to recommend sights. Poor Marco could only have some plain white rice because his stomach was just starting to feel better, but I remember that I had a delicious dish of Singapore noodles with beef and a great sauce. Yummy! I would really like to return for the light show that supposedly happens every night at 8pm! I would totally order the same dish, a big glass of red wine and lean back & enjoy 🙂 Here are some pics of the view we were enjoying that night:

beautiful view from the Pierside - 1

beautiful view from the Pierside - 2

beautiful view from the Pierside - 3

The next morning we decided against the express train that’s supposed to get you to the airport really quickly. Our hotel had an airport bus for about the same amount of money and with all of our luggage we were willing to spend some more time on the bus to eliminate one extra step of carrying our luggage around (i.e., getting to the train station with the free hotel bus). It’s pretty amazing how tropical and nice the area you pass on the way to the airport looks. I wonder if you can swim in that water despite all the ships and ferries… Some of the beaches we passed looked really inviting.

hidden view from the bus

lots of ferries and cargo ships

Hong Kong airport is huge, but very well organized. It seemed pretty easy to get everywhere. And everything seemed so new and modern – really like any big airport in the world 🙂

Hong Kong Airport

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