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The ladies of a blog I follow (Find the Found) are planning a trip to Tuscany this summer (You, Me and Italy). And of course that reminded me of Marco’s and my family vacation there in August 2008. We had such a good time in Ansedonia, Orbetello, Pisa, Florence, Siena, and at Isola del Giglio that I decided to write a series of post about that trip. I will file them here: Tuscany August 2008. This first post focuses on Ansedonia and the surrounding areas.

Early in August 2008, we flew from the US into Rome Fiumicino where family picked us up. Together we drove up north for about an hour an a half to Ansedonia, a small town in the region of Grosseto.

Ansedonia is the cutest little town right by the Mediterranean. We stayed in a rented vacation home. It was bright yellow and had lots of plants around it. There was also a table outside the entrance which was nice because we could eat outside. Really pretty overall!

our home for two weeks

living & dining room of "our" house in Ansedonia

The best feature of the house was its location. We could take the car and be at the beach in 2-3 minutes. We went there almost every day 🙂 Can you see it in the picture below?

view from our little house

beach in Ansedonia

lifeguards at our beach in Ansedonia

In the evenings we either ate at home or in restaurants in Ansedonia or Orbetello. And a few times we went for strolls at the pretty ports Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. One evening, we went to a little fish restaurant in Orbetello with a fairly large group of mainly Italian speakers. At the table next to us was a group of Germans… since I didn’t speak German, I guess they didn’t expect anybody to understand what they were saying. When Marco used the anti-mosquito spray under the table, one of the ladies started complaining loudly about how rude we were using that spray and how it could end up in their food, etc. From under the table? Anyways, that continued for quite a while during which I didn’t really know how to respond… But she just wouldn’t quit about our supposed rudeness, so I finally turned to her and asked her where she would place trash-talking about people right next to you on the rudeness scale… Seriously! Why do people always think that nobody understands them when they are abroad?! In this day and age, so many people speak foreign languages and/or travel… Always be careful what you say where in which language… 😉


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  • JenniFTF says:

    So happy to hear you found a little inspiration at http://www.findthefound.org, Sabrina! I enjoyed your post on Orbetello and look forward to reading the other entries in this trip report! So you speak English, German, and…a little Italian? Happy travels to you!

    • Sabrina says:

      I did find inspiration 🙂 I really enjoy reading your guys’ blog! Languages? Hmm…. I’m German, so that’s the easy one. English, yes. French, I get by. Italian… hmmm… I understand a lot and speak a little. Working on improving it.

  • Donna says:

    hahahaha! What did the German chick respond with? I have actually been in the same situation but on the other side — in Brazil with someone saying crappy things in English and I was soooo embarrassed and finally told her that English wasn’t exactly a secret language and you should expect people to understand you….I swear the woman at the next table smiled.

    • Sabrina says:

      She was semi-embarrassed, but that quickly turned into defensiveness… And then her friends/family were apologetic about her 🙂 Some people… I’m telling you! But you are right! English is even less of a “secret” language than German. My sister overheard some Germans in London… speaking not about her, but somebody else on the subway…. Before leaving the subway, she informed them that lots of people speak German in London and they might be more careful in the future. Haha!

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