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A drive-in theater to me is inherently American. I’ve never been to one nor have I ever seen one in Germany. Before I moved to Texas, I only knew drive-ins from American movies. Whenever I tell my German friends that I went to see a movie at a drive-in, they think Marco and I only went there to make out 🙂 That’s the German understanding of the Autokino (literally, the car-cinema): you only go there to make out in the privacy of your car. I blame movies for that misconception…

I love the drive-in because I think it’s fun. At least to me it seems like something totally American to do while I am here (even if it’s really only something American from the 60ies, 70ies, and 80ies :)). It’s fun, because you can bring dinner, snacks, drinks (sometimes we sneak in the forbidden glass of wine). In the summer, you can sit outside in front of your car. I also like the privacy of staying in my car though. Nobody playing with their cell phone and/or talking on it. And I don’t have to hear other people’s conversations, but if I feel like talking I can do so without bothering anybody else. And when people bring their babies, I don’t have to listen to them scream in the middle of a fun scene. It’s also cheap. It’s only $6 per person and I can even stay for free for the second movie if I feel like it. The regular movies are up to $8-9 and once you add the popcorn and drink, you are looking at $25-30 for two people.

The only reason for me to go to a regular movie theater these days is if I want to see a movie in 3D. The last movie we saw at the drive-in was “Despicable Me” and I really liked it. But I know they also show a 3D version at the movies and in quite a few scenes I couldn’t help but think how fun it would be in 3D. So, anybody out there working on showing 3D at the drive-ins? I’m in!

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