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After our lunch break and lots of good food we needed a walk and decided to head to Ponte Vecchio. On our way we first passed by the Piazza della Signora with the famous Palazzo Vecchio and then the Galleria degli Uffizi. We took quite a few pictures of the statues including one with Marco and “his man” Dante Alighieri. We arrived at the river Arno and right away had a great view of Ponte Vecchio. All along the river people have put little locks and wrote their names on them. Apparently they are called love padlocks and it’s done around the world. I’ve only noticed it in Florence.  According to www.lifeinitaly.com it has recently become a custom for Italian teenagers to put these padlocks with their names on them close to bridges because of a 2006 romance movie based on the novel “Ho Voglia di Te” (see here for the article). I have two thoughts: (1) How corny! (2) I want to do that! 🙂

We walked past all the little padlocks towards Ponte Vecchio and bought some really nice postcards in one of the many shops. And then: Gold Mecca! If you like gold jewelery, or really if you are interested in jewelery overall, you have to pass by all the gold shops on Ponte Vecchio – truly a sight! And I actually found “my” necklace that I bought in Egypt years ago where they had told me it was from Italy. Guess they weren’t lying!

passing by the Uffizi

by the river

Ponte Vecchio

Who would ever feel safe in there?

the famous gold stores on Ponte Vecchio

After I was able to pull away from all the shiny gold jewelery, we walked back to the car at the train station and continued our trip. Next stop: Siena. Check out Tuscany August 2008 for all post from this trip.

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