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Planning A Day In Cairo

August 3, 2010

Marco and I are moving 🙂 Still Texas, same city, but more space 🙂 And in the midst of packing boxes, we are preparing for our next trip: quick weekend in Germany, a day in Cairo, and a looooong beach vacation at the Red Sea (see Egypt August 2010 for all posts about the Egypt part of that trip). Last week we finalized our plans for Cairo and I am really excited. We have about a nine hour layover, so because of the time crunch involved we have hired a private tour guide instead of sightseeing on our own like we usually do. I looked up different companies on www.tripadvisor.com (one of my all-time favorite travel websites) and wrote an email to a few tour operators. The one that got back quickly and answered all my oh-so-detailed questions (not sure if that’s just me personally or the German in me?!) with a lot of patience was a guy named Hani at Egypt Fun Tours. The price seemed fair ($55 per person for the private guide, the car, etc. for the day) and so we booked it.

They suggested a trip to the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx followed by dinner in Islamic Cairo and a visit to Khan El-Khalili Bazaar. Marco and I are both not big fans of bazaars (too many aggressive sellers shoving their products in your face), so we asked for an alternative and have temporarily settled on going to the Egyptian Museum and/or Al-Azhar Mosque – depending on how harsh the August heat is, traffic & time, and how the mood strikes us. Luckily, we can keep things flexible and change plans as we go since we will have a private guide.

Last week I started ordering some books to take on the trip (mainly silly beach reads :)) – I finally started ordering cheap books on www.half.com instead of spending way to much money in airport bookstores. I am a big fan of the DK Eyewitness Travel books because I love their suggested walking tours and all the pictures and illustrations. So, when I saw that there was a cheap one about Cairo (Top 10 Cairo and the Nile), I had to get it. So, let’s see if there is anything in there Marco or I really want to see. That might change our plans for that day once again 🙂

And a few weeks ago, I ran across a blog post about eateries in Cairo (Is It Possible To Eat Your Way Through Cairo In One Day?) and already put a printed copy with the rest of our travel documents. I totally want to try some of these places. And a cold Stella at Al Hurriya before we have to get back on the plane sounds wonderful! Let’s see if we have time for that 🙂 Wish we had more than just 9 hours! I have a sneaking suspicion that we can only see, do, eat a fraction of the things we have in mind. And who knows, maybe we’ll be beat by the August heat after a few hours and just want to do a quick trip to the pyramids and then hang out in a park or cafe. We’ll see! Let’s just hope our guide is flexible, the poor guy! 🙂

Check out Egypt August 2010 for more post about our trip.

What are your fun plans for August?

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