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I finally unpacked, loaded our pictures on my laptop and am ready to start a series of posts about our August trip (Germany and Egypt). This one is about the first leg: a weekend in Germany. A delay in Houston caused us to miss our connection in Frankfurt, so we were stuck for an extra few hours. Marco took pictures of the new, huge Airbus A380 and I enjoyed the free cappucino that Lufthansa provides everywhere in the airport 🙂
picture of the Airbus A380

the "old" big

picture of the Airbus A380

the "new" big

free hot drinks in Frankfurt airport

a little complimentary treat

After we finally made it to Munich, we discovered that Marco’s luggage got lost in the process. At least Lufthansa gave him a nice kit with a whole bunch of toiletries and even a huge white T-Shirt that would fit anybody… and an address to send receipts to for clothes you need until you get your luggage back. I guess if your luggage gets lost you want it to be lost by Lufthansa.

We had planned to meet the whole family for dinner, but with delays and lost luggage we arrived way after the kitchen had closed. Luckily, my family ordered for us, so we were still able to get a good dinner that first night. We then followed everybody in our rental to the hotel and collapsed in bed.

After a delicious breakfast the next moring (seriously, NOTHING beats a good German breakfast with fresh Broetchen, cheese, cold cuts, Nutella, juice, etc.), we finally got a look at the idyllic Hotel Hundsreitlehen in Bischofswiesen close to Bertesgaden.

the hotel Hundsreitlehen close to the Berchtesgaden National Park

the hotel Hundsreitlehen

We all piled into various cars and drove up to the Berchtesgaden National Park, a gorgeous national park in the German Alps. It is located in Bavaria (Germany), but really close to Austria. In fact, in some spots you might have one foot in Germany and the other in Austria 🙂 We drove up to the Mittelstation (midway station) of the Jennerbahn, a cable car for the less fit among us who still want to see the top of the mountain Jenner 🙂 We walked up the last part hoping for a great view of the lake Koenigssee, but there was too much fog.

Berchtesgaden National Park: Map

Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

Berchtesgaden National Park: walking to the cable car

pretty dew between parking area and cable car midway station (Mittelstation)

Berchtesgaden National Park: at the cable car

Mittelstation - our starting point

Berchtesgaden National Park: the cable car

let's go! two at a time!

Berchtesgaden National Park: going up the mountain with the cable car

up, up, and away

Berchtesgaden National Park: view from the top

pretty view...... from the Jennerbahn Bergstation at 1800 meters

Berchtesgaden National Park: view from the top

walking up that last bit...

Berchtesgaden National Park: view from the top

... and looking back down at the Bergstation

Berchtesgaden National Park: view from the top

still very foggy

Berchtesgaden National Park: view from the top

almost there

Berchtesgaden National Park: view from the top

what we saw

Berchtesgaden National Park: view from the top

what we wanted to see

After a short break at the top station (Bergstation), we started our walk back down to the car. We passed very happy cows, Heidi’s grandpa’s home, a little frog (and a lot of insects too gross to post), delicious forrest strawberries, and a lot of very picturesque views. We stopped for a lunch snack about midway through and gave our legs a deserved break. Sidenote: man, was I ever sore that next day!! Somehow I made it back to the car after lunch though and as a little bonus we got great views of the “Schlafende Hexe”/”Sleeping Witch”, a famous mountain formation that looks like… guess what.

Berchtesgaden National Park: happy cows

happy cows

Berchtesgaden National Park: Heidi?

Heidi? Are you home?

Berchtesgaden National Park: frogs

little frog

Berchtesgaden National Park: forest strawberries

delicious little strawberries!


Berchtesgaden National Park: great views

great view

That night we slept like stones…. until we got up at 4.30am to drive back to Munich airport to meet a very good friend for breakfast (so glad you could make it, D.!!!) and catch our flight to Cairo. And look at the gorgeous views we had from the plane:

pictures of the Alps from a plane

leaving from MUC to CAI

pictures of the Alps from a plane

Is that the Koenigssee, the lake we missed due to fog the day before?

Bye bye, Germany! Hello, Egypt!

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