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What To Do In Safaga, Egypt

September 19, 2010

Now that you already know where to eat and drink in Safaga, you might wonder what else there is to do in this laid-back Egyptian coastal town. Most people come to Safaga for the beautiful Red Sea. Some people go surfing since there is some wind most of the time. I think they might have even had a world championship for surfers there one year. Scuba diving and snorkeling are amazing and what we do most of the time when we are in Safaga (post to come soon). But, to go scuba diving you have to get up early. In fact, the scuba boats leave at 8.30am to 9.00am and don’t return until between 3pm and 5pm. It’s an all-day activity. And totally worth it! … but some days, you just have to sleep in 😉 Especially when the night before at Diver House turned into a few more drinks than you had planned for. The day after is the perfect day for a late breakfast at Nemo hotel (see Where Safaga Eats and Drinks). After that, I recommend a lazy day at the Nemo beach. Perfect! Check out the pictures below and you’ll understand.

And if you’re up for it, you can do some shopping in the late afternoon. Don’t go too early, because many shops don’t open until early evening. See this post for what is where in Safaga and how to get around. There are plenty of shops in front of the big hotels in Kilo Thamaniya. We usually take a mini-bus to the Holiday Inn and go to Ali Baba and the 40 T-shirts. They have all kinds of shirts, sweaters, towels, and more. And a million different designs. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always order it. They do great embroidered shirts. Depending on what you want to buy you’ll pay somewhere between 40 Egyptian Pounds and 150 Egyptian Pounds or so ($8-30). Across the street is a store that sells scarves. I have a thing for scarves, so somehow I always end up there. Or Marco will get me one 🙂 There are many other shops, but be prepared to haggle hard. It’s kind of a sport in Egypt and part of the culture. You still have to haggle, but you usually get better prices in downtown. So, hop in a minibus or treat yourself to a cab and head there. My usual souvenirs are anything made with shells (like beautiful little boxes with mother-of-pearl), alabaster (like ashtrays and paper weights), silver (like beautiful bracelets), and of course spices (like saffron, white pepper, cinnamon, anise, and much more). I’m kind of the new saffron dealer in my office these days. I buy a large bag and hand out smaller bags when I get back. First one is free 😉

Check out Egypt August 2010 for more posts about our trip. And click here to get to the album on Facebook with more pictures for this post.

at the beach at Nemo hotel

Ali Baba and the 1000 T-Shirts

my spice man and his shop

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