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Scuba Diving in Safaga, Egypt

September 24, 2010

The Red Sea is world famous for being one of the best scuba destinations in the world, so a lot of people come to Safaga to go scuba diving. And I am one of them 🙂 I enjoy spending the whole day on the boat and looking at the amazing blue, green, and turquoise of the sea, reef, and sands. I am always fascinated by how barren and dry the land is (except for the Nile Delta of course) and how rich and diverse the underwater world is. In Safaga, every big hotel has its own diving center. And then there are a handful of small, independent diving centers. This year we went scuba diving with the Lotus Bay Diving Center and really enjoyed ourselves. A few years ago, we went out with Orca quite a few times and enjoyed that just as much. And I am sure the other diving centers in Safaga are very similar. Many times, it is the guide and the other guests on the boat who make or break the vacation anyways. Marco and I are always happy when there are multiple nationalities on the boat. Since we speak mainly English with each other, it gets somewhat boring for one of us when the conversations around us happen in only Italian or only German. And since scuba diving is an all-day activity in Safaga, it’s nice to have like-minded people on the boat.

So, what’s a typical day scuba diving in Safaga like? You go to the diving center in the morning and the boat leaves the marina at 8.30am to 9am. Depending on which reef is chosen, the ride is between 30 minutes and 70 minutes. After the briefing, it’s off for the first dive. By the time we get back I am usually starving and ready for what the cook came up with. I can never believe all the goodies they prepare on just a few hot plates on the boat! So good! After a nap and/or tanning it’s on to the next reef or a different part at the same reef. By 3pm-5pm, you’re back at the diving center.

Many people have asked me what my favorite dive site in Safaga is… good question. Almost every place has something that makes it unique. And since I started diving with my little underwater camera, there is always something interesting to take pictures of. But of course, there are some that I like better than others (in no particular order): Shab Hamdallah, Abu Kafan, Gamul Soraya, and Tobia Arba. I’ve only been a few times, but I’ve always wanted to go back to Shab Quais. From my mememories of it, that’s definitly on place #1. Unfortunately, the weather and currents rarely allow to go there. One day I’ll be back  🙂

I’ve added a whole bunch of underwater pictures on the Country Skipper Facebook page: Scuba Diving in Safaga. Check them out and start thinking about your next dives 🙂 And if you like the page, click “like” at the top and new posts will show up in your newsfeed.

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