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Snorkeling in Safaga, Egypt

September 30, 2010

I already wrote quite a bit about Safaga – like where it is, where to eat and drink, and what to do when you are not scuba diving. I forgot to mention snorkeling. For those water & fish lovers among you that don’t like scuba diving or that can’t go scuba because of a medical condition, give snorkeling a chance. You have a great view from up there and can see some amazing things. While many hotels have little aqua centers and offer special snorkeling tours, I strongly recommend to ask one of the diving centers (Ducks Diving, Shams, Paradise, Orca, Barakuda Lotus Bay, MenaDive) if they take snorkelers on their boats as well. The pure snorkeling tours often stuff their boats full with way too many people. There is a guide and you have to follow the guide through the water – and some even make their guests wear vests for swimming. They rush you to one reef, provide a quick lunch (sometimes), and rush you on to the next reef. If you go with the scuba boats, you get to one reef, snorkel in peace and quiet, have lunch & a break, go to the next reef and snorkel some more. Much, much more relaxing! Read scuba diving in Safaga for more details on spending the day on a scuba boat. Check out the picture on Country Skipper’s Facebook page: Snorkeling in Safaga. If you like the page, click “like it” and stay up to date on Facebook. 


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