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I’m not completely done with my Egypt posts, but since I just got back from a weekend in Waco & kayaking on the Brazos River, I figured I’d write a quick post about that in between.

I had a great time with my awesome friend D. and her family and enjoyed being back at the water for a little while. I prefer the sea, but really any kind of water makes me happy 🙂

We went out to Cricket’s for dinner on our first evening in Waco. The first Cricket’s is in Lubbock, TX and curiously the second one seems to be bigger and has a larger menu. They both have a crazy large selection of beers though! Very good.

On Saturday, we drove about a half an hour to get to Dick’s Place at the Brazos where we rented the kayaks and boarded a van which brought us up to Lake Whitney Dam. They told us that double kayaks are the hardest to flip, so we went with that choice. We also had a single kayak (which we actually managed to flip). At the last minute, we decided against a double canoe because they said that those are much more uncomfortable since you can’t lean against anything when you sit and that they are much less stable than kayaks. I’m glad we followed their advice! We had a great time in the kayaks and it wasn’t difficult at all. Since we went a little later in the day (around 11.30am), there was some current from the water that they periodically let through the dam. That made the trip much easier since we didn’t have to paddle the whole time. We stopped a few time at places along the river to stretch our legs and take a break. Overall, it took us a good five hours to drift back to Dick’s Place. But you could really get there much quicker if you paddled more. We let the current do most of the work for us 🙂 It was a beautiful and relaxing day and I am so glad that I went! And we were so lucky with the weather! It was sunny, but not scorching hot and there was a little breeze at times. I really wouldn’t wanna do this during the summer! Since the trees on the side of the river only offer so much shade, you would be pretty much stuck in  the hot sun all day long and I can’t imagine that to be a whole lot of fun. September/October and April/May would probably be the best months to go.

For dinner we went to Buzzard Billy’s, a restaurant in Waco at the river and had some fried seafood. Yumm! It’s a really nice place with a big patio overlooking the river. And since people keep feeding the turtles and catfish, there’s plenty to see as well.

Thanks for a great weekend, D.! I’ll be back next spring for more 😉 

Check out Country Skipper’s Facebook page for more pics. There is a whole album for this trip: Kayaking on the Brazos River.

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  • Ana O'Reilly says:

    The weather was indeed perfect this weekend. I didn’t know about this dam in Waco, I’ll look into it. It seems like a great option when you’re want to get away from Dallas.
    Ana O’Reilly recently posted..You’re from where!

    • Sabrina says:

      Yes, you should totally try it! So much fun! And from Dallas it’s probaby not more than an hour and a half or so. From Waco it was 30 minutes I think. Not bad at all! At Dick’s Place they told us they offer kayaks, canoes, and rides all year, but that the season is really March through November. But you know Texas… there can be really hot days in November followed by a rainstorm and snow the next day 🙂

  • Donna says:

    @Anna: I can really recommend this outfit – this is the second time we have used them and they are great — really helpful and nice — and this stretch of the Brazos is beautiful:) And we had three in our party who had never been kayaking before and everyone loved it.
    @Sabrina: You forgot to mention the great horned owls!!

    • Sabrina says:

      The great horned owls? Were those the ones we heard trying to call each other for LOOOOVE? That was cute 🙂 There was lots of animal love going around with the owls and the damsel flies 🙂

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