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Night Dive in Safaga, Egypt

October 5, 2010

I already wrote about scuba diving during the day in Safaga. Pretty much every diving center also offers early morning dives as well as night dives. The early morning dive is a little different from a regular dive because there are less people in the water and there is a little less light. Most diving centers offer an early morning dive to the Salem Express. It sank in the early 90ies and many hundreds of people died. Now that there are more fish and that coral started growing on it, it is a little less creepy, but it’s still not one of my favorite dives in Safaga. After that it’s on to the regular two dives. Another option to go beyond the two dives during a regular scuba day is to go for a night dive. For these, you meet at the diving center about 1.5 hours to 2 hours before it gets dark and head out to the reef (one of the inside reefs that you can reach within half an hour). Then you have time to enjoy the sunset over the mountains and slowly get your gear ready. The sun is gone pretty quickly, but it takes a while until it’s really, really dark. When the moon is full, you can see surprisingly much under water, but of course you still need a lamp. What you see under water really changes at night. There are many, many more sea urchins and a lot of lion fish that are out hunting. There are less of the other fish swimming around and your vision is much more focused on the little bit of light your lamp shines in front of you. If you kneel down in the sand, turn off your lamp and start moving the water, you can see lots of little bright spots, the plankton. If you look at the reef you can see a lot of shiny little eyes looking back at you – many shrimps. This year we got really lucky and saw some sepias and even a very well hidden octopus. Check out the pictures on Facebook if you are interested: Night Dive in Safaga. After the dive, we had a really good dinner on the boat and then headed back to the diving center. Night dives are really different and if you’ve never done it, you totally should 🙂

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