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I’ve already written much about beautiful Safaga in the past few weeks. So, to conclude my little series on our trip to Egypt in August 2010, let me suggest one last activity while you are there: a trip to Coral Garden Resort. Coral Garden is a hotel about 25 kilometers south of Safaga in a beautiful bay. The hotel has its own diving center, Orca Dive Clubs Coral Garden. They offer dives at their house reef which is much larger than at the other hotels in Safaga and dives from the boat similar to the diving centers in Safaga. They also offer shore dives to which they bring you in a minibus. I wouldn’t stay at this hotel for my whole vacation because there is really nothing to do except for snorkeling/diving, laying out in the sun, and relaxing. The location is fairly remote (about 25 minutes from Safaga) and so you actually have to get a cab or minibus to go to Safaga if you want to eat in a restaurant or have a drink in a bar other than the hotel facilities. The same is true if you want to go buy some souvenirs of your Egypt trip. But for a day trip from Safaga it’s perfect 🙂 We usually get a minibus with friends or family to bring us there around 9 to 10am and pick us up around 4 to 5pm. That has the added bonus that you can dive AND sleep in a little longer 🙂 I think the prices for diving at the house reef are a little steep compared to what you pay for a full day of diving on the boat, but for one day I’m ok with it. We usually bring some water with us when we go since the prices at the beach bar are also pretty high and we don’t want to have to buy every single drink there. It’s Egypt and it’s hot and you drink A LOT. The beach bar also serves food (burgers & sandwiches mainly) and we usually indulge a little after diving. It’s nice to hang out at one of the tables, enjoy the food and the beautiful view of Gassous Bay.
Check out the pictures in Country Skipper’s Facebook album: Coral Garden.

Coral Garden

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