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Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays in the US. Dressing up in costumes, eating candy, getting together with friends, having delicious wine & food, … What’s not to like?! This year, Marco and I hosted a little pumpkin carving gathering at our place. I am so happy we got that big table when we moved! It comfortably sits eight people and was perfect! Before everybody arrived, we decorated the front of our house a little: gravestones & candles (broken pizza stone and a few cut-up cartons), ghosts, a huge spiderweb with spiders in it, and a few bats.

The pumpkin carving was fun and I made my most intricate design yet, a little skull & kitty. These designs with little-bitty pieces don’t last long though and shrivelled up fast. Next year: easy design with big eyes, nose, mouth – done! We added our Jack-O’-Lanterns to the decorations in the front of the house and got some nice comments from the trick-or-treaters on Sunday. Maybe we do have to stick with the more difficult designs after all…

On Halloween we invited some friends over for dinner and had pumpkin soup, lasagna, and apple cake… and loads of candy. We bought tons because of all the trick-or-treaters we expected. It’s a new neighborhood for us, so we didn’t know how many to expect. Of course, we bought way too much! And only 10 little trick-or-treaters showed up. We have them fistfuls of candy! Don’t know if it was just because the kids didn’t know us or if they went to some other place. At work yesterday I was told that most of them didn’t get many kids either. Apparently some churches hosted a safe trick-or-treat, others did trunk trick-or-treating, and yet others went to the richer neighborhoods – don’t know if they expect better candy or just a safer environment. Oh well, we still had fun! Let’s see if we get more trick-or-treaters next year now that they know that we have premium candy 🙂 My co-workers were happy with all the Reeses , Kit Kat, Butterfinger, Laffy Taffy, etc. they found on the front desk today. And I was happy to get all the candy out of the house 🙂 I’ve eaten enough to last weeks!

There are some more pics from the past few days on Facebook: “Halloween 2010”.

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