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What To Do in Quimper, France

January 18, 2011

As you know, I spent my Christmas break touring Europe and visiting family and friends. It was so much fun! In fact, I can’t believe I have been back for over two weeks now and still don’t have my posts up. So, here we go with some belated Christmas and New Year’s posts 🙂 First up: pre-Christmas Season in Quimper.

Where is Quimper? It a beautiful, small city in Bretagne (Brittany):

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If you are ever in the vicinity, you should check out downtown. We parked closed to the cathedral near the river. There are parking spots on both the Boulevard Dupleix and the Boulevard de l’Amiral de Kerguelen. There is also a paid parking area closer to the intersection of Boulevard Dupleix and Rue de la Deesse. Here are some things you can do there:

  • When we get there, we usually check out the jewelery stores on the river bank. They have neat Breton designs and I love their necklaces made with mother of pearl from (I am assuming) local shells.
  • If you walk up the Rue Saint-Francois (I think), there is a cute market hall called “Les Halles” where they sell food (cheeses, bread, crepes, dessert, fruit, veggies) and some other stuff. I think they are open only on Saturdays though.
  • I like walking up and down Rue Kereon. There are many stores (clothes, perfumes, kitchen items) and pretty, old houses. And you can take great pictures when you get to the little canal. They also had some stands selling kitchen stuff, scarves, and purses right there in that corner by the canal the past two times we were there. Oooh, and we had delicious crepes there as well.
  • Make a point to stop by the Cathedrale Saint-Corentin (on the other end of Rue Kereon). It’s pretty impressive. And in December they have an old merry-go-round and little ice skating rink for kids there. Most of the bars sell hot wine (vin chaud). Of course it doesn’t compare to the German Gluehwein, but it’s still pretty good 😉 What do you expect me to say?! Of course I’m gonna with the German stuff!
  • Something else you should do is get yourself a nice assortment of some macaroons in one of the many stores (baked stuff with marzipan, i.e. almond paste). We tried lemon, raspberry, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and a few more. The fruity ones were my favorites.

Check out more pictures on my Facebook page if you are interested.

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  • I’ve never heard of Quimper, which makes it sounds like my kind of place! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve only been to France once (Strasbourg) and I enjoyed it and would love to see more of France.
    Laurel@ExpatGermany recently posted..Expat in Germany Will Be Back Soon

    • Sabrina says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. Quimper is really nice and there are some other nice cities like Pont L’Abbe that are worth checking out as well. Very cute! I’ve only ever been in the winter and I really enjoy taking walks at some of the beaches there (like Lesconil). I really wanna go in the summer one of these years though 🙂 I love water, sun, and the sea! Anyways, from Germany you can get there pretty easily either by train (usually through Paris) or plane.

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