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More Bretagne: Pont L’Abbe

January 20, 2011

I already told you a little bit about what we did when we were in Quimper. When we are in Bretagne (Brittany), we actually tend to spend more time in Pont L’Abbe which is quite a bit smaller than Quimper. It has a lot of charm though and if you are in the area, you should totally check it out.
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Pont L’Abbe might not be very big, but you can easily spend a day strolling through town, eating out, and buying beautiful and delicious souvenirs. Here are some of our favorite spots:

  • Biscuiterie de Pont l’Abbe: They have delicious Breton cookies, wine, liquors, and caramels. I especially loooove their salted caramel lollipops. And it’s the perfect store to buy some edible gifts for the people back home.
  • Le Chateau: Just a little up the street from the biscuiterie and the canal is the mayor’s office (Hotel de Ville) which is housed in a castle. Very pretty!
  • If you go further up the street, the Rue de Chateau, and take a right up Rue Burdeau and you arrive a tiny little restaurant called “Les Quatres Saisons”. They have the best crepes! We always go here at least once during our vacation. The owner is an older lady who is really friendly and rewards our broken French with big smiles.  Oh, and don’t forget to order une bouteille de cidre which is a bottle of apple cider that has similar amounts of alcohol as wine. My favorite crepes are the dark crepes (au ble noir) with cheese (fromage), ham (jambon), and champignons (white mushrooms). And for dessert? They have various ones with apples that are all fantastic.
  • Once you are done eating you should check out all the little shops on Rue Jean Le Berre. They have cute clothes, shoes, and other little things.
  • If you head back to the main street, Rue du Chateau, which turns into Rue Du General de Gaulle, you’ll see a store to your left which you shouldn’t miss. It’s called “Sophie C Creation” and they sell beautiful towels, pottery, and much more with cute Breton designs of the owner. This year I bought a beautiful big table cloth and some napkins. I just couldn’t resist and can’t wait to have some friends over, so I have an occasion to get them out 🙂

I only took a few pictures this year. You can find them on my Facebook page.

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