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Egypt Right Now…

February 3, 2011

This is not a political blog. I have been debating even writing about this topic. However, Egypt is a country dear to my heart. I have lived there for a year working in a scuba diving center after finishing high school in Germany and have been back countless times ever since. My mom lives there right now and I keep visiting her at the beautiful beaches of the Red Sea. Thankfully she is far away from the horrible scenes you can see on TV every day now.

I am so sad about what is going on there right now. Not by the protests themselves, but by the paid Mubarak supporters who have been sent out to create chaos and hurt peaceful protestors.

I have been following what’s going on closely (some might say obsessively). I’ve been watching the news on TV, I’ve been reading the German news online, I’ve started following some great people on Twitter (e.g., Mona Eltahawy and Ian Lee) and started discovering blogs I didn’t know about before (e.g., Simply LeAnne and Egypt Unbound). I’ve learned a lot. Some things I read make me sad, other give me hope. I really hope that in the next few days/weeks things will calm down. I hope that Mubarak will give way to a new, stronger Egypt. I hope that not more people will get hurt. I also hope that people who had never heard of Egypt before and are watching the news now don’t think that this violence and crazyness is all that Egypt is about. Go and read LeAnne’s post, My Egypt, and get some different impressions.

As you may have read, things in the tourist resorts at the Red Sea are (thankfully) pretty calm. On one hand, it seems weird that only 700 kilometers south of Cairo people are tanning at the beach and enjoying their vacations. On the other hand, most Egyptians there are glad that they do so because their livelihood depends on tourists. What makes me really mad however is that some companies are trying to make money in a situation like this. Most of the  foreigners that are in Hurghada and surrounding areas are staying put. However, some want to leave because they are afraid of further escalations. It is maddening to me that some airlines, like Condor, have actually increased prices in the past few days for flights leaving Hurghada. Why? Shouldn’t airlines be more responsible and be willing to help people get out if they want to? I don’t understand it.

I hope things won’t get worse before they get better…

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  • Suz says:

    I was sent this link, and have to say firstly thanks for the reference, and secondly have you still been following what is happening here? The situation for foreigners in Egypt is getting very complicated sadly, with many visas being denied even just to people wanting to visit!

    • Sabrina says:

      I’m still following somewhat, but not as closely. I hadn’t heard about people being denied visas! That seems crazy! Even right at the airport? Or at embassies/consulates before getting there? Either way, you’d think they want tourists there to build up that part of their economy again. I really hope things will get better!!

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