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See this gorgeous lake below? I so want to visit that place again in the summer! It’s called Lago Albano and it’s located right outside Rome on the way to Velletri (another one of those cute Italian cities I would never have seen if we didn’t have family and friends all over the place). It’s very pretty and there’s also a castle right by the lake that I want to visit. It’s called Castel Gandolfo and it looks really interesting. This time we didn’t really have the time to find it and tour it, but I hope we will in the future. It’s a very nice area and you have to drive up some very cute, windy roads (past Ciampino airport). We parked the car and got out to take some pictures of the lake (as usual, check out the Facebook page for more pictures than I included below).

After a picture session we continued on to Velletri. Parking there is terrible! They have one main square (pictured also below) with a few parking spaces and other than that, you have to park in tiny side streets. We finally found a semi-legal spot in a street close by. I can’t tell you how happy I am that Marco usually drives when we’re in Rome! I would totally lose it with the tiny parking spots, people arguing with you about if you can really park there, etc. Anyways, see that weird house front pictured below? We passed it when we walked through Velletri trying to get to our hosts. I think it was just the front of an old house and the real (newer) house was right behind it. Weird! I don’t think there’s a whole lot to do in Velletri itself, but we passed some cute hotels & restaurants on the way there overlooking Lago Albano, so next time maybe we’ll have time for some good food & drinks with a view and a swim if it’s warm enough 🙂

Click on the pics below to see a bigger version of the pictures.

Lago Albano



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  • I’ve always wanted to go to Rome. Now I would add visiting Lago Albano and taking a drive like you did to see the castle and villages. Nice photos, too.

    • Sabrina says:

      Thanks! Credit for many of the pics goes to Marco. He already started calling himself “the Official Photographer of Country Skipper” 🙂

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