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Driving Through New Mexico

March 31, 2011

New Mexico - Never Ending Roads

When we went skiing in Santa Fe a few weeks ago, we drove through large parts of eastern New Mexico and I thought I’d share with you some of the things we saw on the road. We’ve done many, many road trips since I moved to Texas, but the seemingly endless roads here still amaze me. It’s crazy how you can go for miles and miles (or rather kilometers and kilometers) and not see a single city or even house. No wonder most people here don’t really care as much about the environment – there’s so much space that they probably can’t see the point!

New Mexico - old wind mill

Another quite frequent sight? Old wind mills. They always make me think that things in some parts of this country really haven’t changed since many, many years. And you know what all of this also makes me think of? That old movie, Doc Holiday 🙂 Remember? I saw it in Germany as a kid and I thought how weird it was that there was this tiny city and there weren’t any doctors. And I couldn’t understand how they just couldn’t drive to the next big city instead of luring some unsuspecting city guy there…. Now I get it! There are really cities (or rather tiny 5-house-villages) like that!!

Cowboys in New MexicoBrace yourselves, here comes my personal favorite… real life cowboys in front of a gas station. With all those miles and miles and my old gas-loving car, we had to take a quick re-fueling/pee stop in the middle of nowhere, aka Fort Sumner (THE perfect Doc Holiday city by the way!) and two funny things happened: (1) Michelle was waiting in front of the restroom. A cop told her he was coming through. She thought that was weird… until she saw the guy in handcuffs and foot-shackles behind the cop. (2) Walking back to the car, we saw these two real life cowboys hanging out in front of the store. And you won’t believe what they were talking about! One of them was telling the other that his wife just left him… I mean, I really feel for him and all, but it was a true country-song moment. And then Michelle managed to snap a quick pic with her phone while we were pulling out, so I could share it with you guys 🙂

New Mexico - House on Wheels

By the way, after all these miles and miles on the road with nothing but nature we did end up seeing a house: a house on the move that is. I always wonder if you own one of these, and you wanna move… instead of packing your things, hiring a moving van, and finding a new place to live… Do you just seal up everything real tight insight, call the truck, and move the whole freaking house?

On the way back to Texas, we drove through Clovis, New Mexico. It’s a sort of big-ish border town between the two states and I always wonder how you could get anybody to ever move there. No offense, Clovis, but what you see on the main road passing through isn’t really enticing!

New Mexico - Clovis

New Mexico - Clovis

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