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I have done a lot of Texas road trips in the past year (kayaking in Waco, a wedding in El Paso, meeting a friend in San Angelo, conferences in Austin, a cowboy weekend in Bandera, etc.). Before I moved to Texas, I knew there was a lot of drilling for oil here. So, I sort of expected all the oil pumps you pass on highways depending on where you go. I didn’t neccessarily expect the smell that comes with it, but that’s another story…

Something else I didn’t expect were the huge wind farms with thousands of windmills. Apparently, Texas is the largest market in the US for installed wind capacity. Impressive, right?  That same report also states that Germany had five times as much capacity in 2007, but I wonder if that changed since then. I’ve never seen that many windmills in Germany, but I think that’s because a lot of the wind farms are offshore in Germany whereas they are on land in Texas.

Anyways, if you drive through West Texas, keep your eyes open, especially around the Abilene area and you are sure to see thousands of windmills. Quite an impressive sight! And once in a while you’ll see one of the really old ones as well 🙂 See the one in the photo all the way at the bottom? It’s funny how the old and new exist so close together sometimes… old and new windmills… oil pumps and wind farms… One thing is for sure, Texas is a state rich in energy.

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Oil Pump in Texas


Windmills in Texas

Old and New Windmills in Texas

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  • Shanna says:

    Now Sabrina, I must correct you that is not an oil pump, it is a pump jack. And the old windmills actually pump water up from the ground in most cases. Have you ever been out to the American Wind Power Center?

    • Sabrina says:

      Haha! See how little I know 🙂 I actually haven’t, but it’s on my list for when we have some visitors! I’ll go with them…. or at least that’s my plan.

  • Sabina says:

    I lived in TX for five years, and I remember the oil pumps very well! I don’t think I ever saw the windmills, though, certainly not as many as in that photo. I wish I had because they look very cool 🙂

    • Sabrina says:

      How cool! Where are you now? Yes, those windmills are quite a sight. There are literally thousands on some fields, especially around Abilene and Caprock area.

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