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Diving in the Red Sea

June 9, 2011

It’s getting hot in Texas, people! This week we have constantly had around 100 F / 38 C and this heat makes me wish I was at a beach somewhere. But… there’s no beach anywhere close to where I am in West Texas. Not even a nice, big lake I could swim in. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming πŸ™‚ The past years I have gone toΒ Safaga in Egypt almost every summer. It’s this small town right at the Red Sea and I love it there! There are enough tourists to have a decent infrastructure, but not so many tourists that it becomes annoying. There a few big hotels, a few small hotels, and many, many diving centers. I love being underwater with all the fishies! The pic below is from our last trip there in August 2010 and these little soldier fish couldn’t have cared less about me being there. Maybe they didn’t think I was a threat or they just felt safe because there were so many of them. Either way, they let me take many, many pictures until I got this shot that I am really happy with. It’s shot without flash because their eyes turn into little devil eyes whenever you use flash on them – probably because their eyes are so huge. Diving in the Red Sea is so much fun! The coral reefs are colorful, there’s everything from tiny, little fish and snails to big sharks, and the diving centers know exactly how to keep their guests happy with comfy boats, delicious lunches between dives, and usually happy dive guides. If you like underwater pics, check out this post I wrote about scuba diving in Safaga and the Facebook album I created last year.

scuba diving in the Red Sea: soldier fish in Safaga

I posted this pictures as part ofΒ Travel Photo Thursday June 9th, 2011. Head on over there and check out some of the amazing pics people are linking.

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