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Brittany Beach Picture

June 22, 2011

Marco took this picture when we were in Brittany, France, right before Christmas last year. The place is called Plobannalec-Lesconil and is close to Pont L’Abbe and Quimper. We were about to head to Germany a few days later, and, beach lover that I am, we of course couldn’t leave before going to Lesconil one evening. It’s this really small beach that is great for walks from one end to the next. You can always find a few families taking a stroll or walking their dogs. It’s a very peaceful kind of place. The picture below is not actually of the real beach part, but rather a collection of water right before you pass over the dunes to get to the beach. For the real Brittany beach shots, check out the Facebook album and the post about Lesconil.

Brittany Beach: Lesconil-Plobannalec

This picture was submitted to Travel Photo Thursday over at Budget Travelers Sandbox. Check out some of the amazing pics people are linking to from their blogs.

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