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TripBase started a great project called “My 7 Links” that lets us bloggers share some of our older posts with our readers. Participants are nominated by their fellow bloggers. Katharina of 100 Miles Highway wrote a great post about her 7 links and nominated me. Thanks Katharina! A tough act to follow, but here we go…

1) My Most Beautiful Post:

White Sands National Monument in New Mexico

I really think that pictures can make or break a post – especially one about a specific location. Marco took probably hundreds of pictures when we visited White Sands last year. It’s a gorgeous place that lends itself to experimenting with your camera. I chose some of what I think are the most beautiful pictures and included them in this post.

White Sands National Monument - Sand Dunes


2) My Most Popular Post:

A German Confronted With Nazi Stuff

This one was and is a huge surprise to me. Writing this post was a spur of the moment thing because I had just spent a good hour looking at art that incorporated Nazi references in a classroom at a university in Texas. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time writing this post and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to post it. It’s such a weird topic and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted it on my blog. Long story short, I posted it and still get almost daily hits – many from StumbleUpon.


3) My Most Controversial Post:

Let’s Hang Out Sometime… or German Directness in Texas

This is another post I wasn’t quite sure about. I get sick of the whole “Americans are all superficial” and “Germans are all rude” generalizations. Yes, there are superficial Americans and, yes, there are rude Germans, but are all of us one way or the other? No. Things just mean different things in different cultures and to truly understand them, you have to spend quite some time surrounded by it.


4) My Most Helpful Post:

7 Steps To A Great Layover Tour in Cairo

Marco and I are both very independent travelers and rarely take organized tours. I do think that there is a time and place for organized tours though and this layover in Cairo was the perfect example. Without our private guide, it would have been very stressful to see anything in Cairo in the 9 hours we had. It made all the difference to have our guide Hani showing us around. We had a blast in Cairo.

Layover Tour in Cairo: view from the KFC in front of the pyramids

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

German Christmas Cookies in Texas

Last Christmas, I was in some sort of baking frenzy. My sister had given me a German Christmas Cookies cook book the year before and I wanted to try them all. So, I wrote a little post about it and included my mom’s recipe for Muerbeteig (kind of like sweet shortcrust). Apparently people are looking for “Muerbeteig recipes” online because I get quite a few hits through Google for that. How random! Maybe I should do some more recipes in the future 🙂 I actually already have one planned: heavenly ribs fresh from the grill. A Texan friend of our taught Marco… they’re so good that even I eat them (I’ve never liked them before no matter where I tried them).

German Christmas Cookies

6) A Post I Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved:

Skiing in Taos Ski Valley

I thought I had written a cute little post with some nice pictures of my latest skiing trip when I posted it early in April. Either it wasn’t that cute or it was the time of the year, but barely anybody read it. Who knows, maybe it’ll help someone later in the year when they are planning a trip to go skiing in Taos.

Skiing in Taos Ski Valley

7) The Post I Am Most Proud Of:

4th of July in Texas: Fireworks Pictures, Video, Mini Time Lapses, and a High Speed Video

I just posted this one a few days ago. The reason I am most proud of it? First, because I promised myself I would try to get posts out more timely and I actually managed to post it on the 4th of July. Second, because I started playing around with GIFs and videos. I manged to make some mini time lapses and even created a YouTube channel for this blog 🙂 I hope I will be able to incorporate more videos and GIFs in the future since I really like the end product.

4th of July in Texas: Fireworks Pictures

Now… for the fun part: I get to nominate some bloggers whose 7 links I’d like to see 🙂

Here are my nominations:

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  • R. Sherman says:

    Re: Link Number Two, unfortunately, most Americans’ knowledge of European history consists of 1939-1945. There is no appreciation for the centuries of German art, literature and philosophy which forms the basis for much of modern Western Culture. Sadly, everything, including Germans of whatever age, are viewed through the lens of WWII.

    I could go on a long rant here, but I’ll stop now.


    • Sabrina says:

      I hear you!! There is so much more to Germany than WW II… on the other hand I do understand why it is an important topic. Yet, it shouldn’t be everything that comes to mind.

  • Laurel says:

    Great roundup. I’m not surprised that your most popular post was “A German Confronted With Nazi Stuff.” This was one of my favorites of yours and I really enjoyed hearing the German perspective.

    • Sabrina says:

      Thanks! Maybe the reasons for many people liking it include that they don’t hear from Germans about it often – save for factual discussions about WW II.

  • Katherina says:

    Loved these posts (some of which I knew already..!!), particularly the one on german directness 😉 The pictures of the sand dunes made me dream awake!

  • This 7 links project is very fun! I enjoyed reliving the links you included.

  • Cool list! I was one of those who did read your Taos article and enjoyed it. The White Sands photos are gorgeous!

    • Sabrina says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think that a lot of it is was time of the year… People were probably getting sick of snow 😉 I’m off to reading through yours now…

  • Thanks for nominating me! I love the My 7 Links project because I only recently starting reading travel blogs, so it is a great way to read some of the highlights from the past.

    • Sabrina says:

      Sure! And I totally agree. I like them even for blogs I’ve been following for a while since there are always a few good ones you missed.

  • Pit says:

    Hi Sabrina,
    Glückwunsch zum “Geburtstag” Deines Blogs.

  • jade says:

    Love your links you picked- some I had read, but a few I hadn’t… I’m excited to go back and check them out. Finishing my list up now, thanks for the nomination, too!

  • Kris Koeller says:

    This is a great list. I think I’m the last one to not have already done this…

  • Rachel says:

    I’m amazed you’ve stuck Texas as long as you have, LOL. I’m a Brit who lived in Texas (Dallas) for almost a decade and hated almost every second of it. I got out in 1998 and I’ve never been back. I finally stumbled on Asia and that’s been ‘home’ for me for the last ten years. Would never live anywhere else at this point.

    I’m guessing you either love Texas, or there’s a hubby/boyfriend somewhere in the picture 🙂

    Nice blog, by the way!

    • Sabrina says:

      You did? That’s too bad! I definitely is different here, that’s for sure. But you are right – there is a boyfriend in the picture. He’s from Italy and we’ve been here in Texas together – since almost 9 years. Time flies! I don’t love everything about this place, but there are a lot of good things. My favorite part? The weather! Love sun and blue skies almost every day 🙂 Marco’s mom lives in China and we visit sometimes. Not a place I would wanna live, but I like to visit.

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