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I mentioned the Grapes in London – a fantastic fish restaurant in Limehouse – yesterday in my personal guide to great English food in London.  We took a bunch of pictures at that place because it is so quaint, original, and has a lot of character. I’ll share some more of them with you guys in a future post, but for today’s Travel Photo Thursday I decided to feature just one of my favorite shots. We took this on the second floor where you can sit close to a large windows that leads to a tiny balcony which features great views of the Thames. To the left you can see the huge buildings that make Canary Wharf one of the major business districts in London. On the river itself you can see people holding on for dear life in speed boats whose drivers seem to get a special kick out of hitting the waves from a passing ferry. Looks kind of crazy, but also kind of fun 🙂 And have I mentioned the delicious food and drinks yet? If you’re in the area, you should definitely check out this restaurant.

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Great English Food in London: The Grapes in Limehouse


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