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When I was leaving work last night, I was thinking about how to best share my impressions of Atlanta and Toronto with you guys. I left the building and was walking to my car seeing nothing but bright sun, a gorgeous blue sky, and a few tiny white clouds. Then a gust of wind hit me, I turned around and I was looking at a dark wall of dust. For a few seconds I kind of just stared at it not really believing what I was seeing. I’ve been in a Texas dust storm before, but I’ve never seen one rolling in. It was nuts! So, I grabbed my cell phone and started snapping a few pictures and taking a few videos. Have you ever seen dust storm pictures? Kind of crazy, right? If you scroll down, you can also see the dust storm videos I posted on YouTube. ย I felt like I was in anย apocalypse-type movie as the dust storm quickly rolled in over the building. Where there was nothing but clear, fresh air and blue skies minutes before, out of a sudden you couldn’t see further than maybe 20 meters. People stopped driving because the visibility was so bad thanks to this Texas dust storm. I just hung out in my car waiting for the air to clear a little bit before driving home. Insane, I tell you! And doesn’t this fit in perfectly with my Only in Texas series? ๐Ÿ™‚

Texas dust storm: the dust storm rolling in

Texas dust storm: visibility after the dust storm hit

Texas dust storm: sun peaking through at the end of the dust storm

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