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Texas Horned Toad Pictures

January 26, 2012

The Texas horned toad is really a lizard that kind of looks like a toad because of its head. It’s also often affectionately called a horny toad. Having never seen one (and thus not knowing about the “horns” on its body), I came up with all sorts of other reasons for why it would be called horny. Well, really just oneΒ πŸ™‚Β Yep, sometimes I’mΒ actually 15 in my head. Anyways, Marco was able to take some really cool pictures of one of them last fall here in West Texas and even “played” a little with it – of course that was before we looked it up online and found out that they can squirt blood through their eyes to deter predators… Luckily, this one apparently didn’t feel threatened enough!Β Isn’t it fun what you get to see when you travel?! And what better occasion to share some Texas horned toad pictures than another fun round of Travel Photo Thursday? Head over there to see more fun travel pics.

Texas Horned Toad Pictures

Texas Horned Toad Pictures

Texas Horned Toad Pictures

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