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Only in Texas: Texas Waffles

January 31, 2012

Remember my Only in Texas series? Well, I have another post for you 🙂

Anybody who has ever been in Texas (or has met a Texan) knows that state pride runs deep here. Tattoos are popular in general – and not only the Christian Cross ones! I’ve seen countless tattoos of the Texas flag or the Texas state outline. That’s commitment, people! The newest trend: Texas waffles. When I first saw them at a hotel a few years ago, I thought they were a weirdly shaped bunny. My friend laughed and pointed out that it was actually the shape of Texas. Duh! In my defense, the outline of the hotel waffle was a lot less clear than the one below… At least that’s what I’ll go with. You won’t find me getting a Texas tattoo anytime soon, but waffles? I can totally get on board with that!

Ever since my first encounter with that delicious Texas waffle in San Angelo, I’ve seen Texas waffles pop up in many hotels and motels around the state. I am thrilled every time 🙂 I mean, come on… it’s a Texas waffle! Apparently, I’ve been pretty obvious in my obsession, because Marco got me a Texas shaped waffle maker for Christmas 🙂 Since we’ve gotten back from our trip (waffle-free – except a delicious Belgian waffle at one of the Cologne Christmas markets), we’ve been trying different recipes on the weekends and I’m experimenting with homemade fruit syrups. So good! My favorite combination so far is a waffle that substitutes yogurt for milk (in the dough) topped with bananas, blueberries, and blueberry syrup. Guten Appetit!

Only in Texas: Texas Waffles

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