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Last November we drove to Taos over Thanksgiving weekend for the opening of Taos Ski Valley for the winter season 2011/12. It’s a good seven hour drive from Lubbock. If you’re not from here, you might wonder why anybody in their right mind would drive seven hours just for a three-day weekend. Well, West Texas is pretty isolated. Anytime we want to go anywhere it’s a long drive. Imagine that the next biggest cities are each five hours away (Dallas to the east and Albuquerque to the west; big cities in the south and north are even further). So, once you move to West Texas it becomes sort of normal to make friends with your car 🙂 To pass time on these road trip, Marco and I talk a lot, we snack, stop here and there, and listen to music. We also take a lot of pictures which is how my photo essay about the Texas countryside came into being. On our way to Taos in November, we suddenly found ourselves driving straight into a typical New Mexico thunderstorm. It’s pretty crazy because you’re driving for hours on these very straight roads and see nothing but dry land and bright blue sky and out of a sudden everything turns dark and the whole New Mexico landscape turns from sun-kissed expanses that remind me of old cowboy movies into this dark apocalyptic scenery within a few minutes. It usually passes just as quickly as it has come though. In fact, in the last picture you can already see the blue sky again in the background. By the way, that last picture with the truck was a mistake and ended up being my absolute favorite. Marco had no intentions of getting the truck in the picture and snapped multiple others without it. He prefers the middle picture while I love the last one! What do you think? Any favorites?

This post was submitted as part of Travel Photo Thursday. Please head over there to see some more travel shots from across the world.

New Mexico Thunderstorm

New Mexico Thunderstorm

New Mexico Thunderstorm

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