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Everything is bigger in Texas – even Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s huge here. The commercials over the past month have bombarded us with romantic getaways and trips, flowers, personalized candy, lingerie… and, of course, jewelry. Oh, do I hate those jewelry commercials here in Texas around any kind of festivity. They always, always have the same theme: if your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter means anything to you, you will buy her a necklace, bracelet, ear rings, ring, etc. How else will she know that you love her? Don’t get me wrong, I like jewelry just as much as the next girl, but I think there are way more important things than jewelry in a relationship. Anyways, the poor guys here really get it on Valentine’s Day. They are expected to buy a gift, flowers, chocolate and a card. They also better take their girlfriend or wife out for an expensive dinner. Marco and I’ve tried to go out for dinner here on Valentine’s Day… the lines are crazy long…. except for maybe at the Indian – which we incidentally really like, so no problem here 🙂

I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing, but Valentine’s Day is just not a big deal to me. Never has been. I think there are other days in a couple’s life that are so much more important – like your anniversary for example. No, Marco and I don’t ignore Valentine’s completely, but a dinner is as far as we go. Could be at home or at a restaurant. Sometimes we’ve gone to the movies or the drive-in I think.

Growing up in Germany, Valentine’s Day was not a big deal. I wonder if that has changed by now… what do you expats living in Germany say? Is it as big as in Texas by now as well? Up until maybe seven years ago, there were a few commercials about it, flowers and chocolate on display, but not really a month ahead of time, and not really that big either. Guys were not expected to buy jewelry or expensive gifts. And there were for sure no heart-shaped arts and crafts all over kindergarten and school when I was growing up. They really start pushing it early here in Texas. Even kids give each other Valentine’s Day gifts and cards. I remember sort of chuckling about American high school movies where teenagers were sending candy hearts to each other in between classes…

Last night I went grocery shopping at Walmart and it was insane. Valentine’s Day specials were everywhere: greeting cards, flowers, chocolate, balloons, cupcakes, and cookies – preferably in pink or red and heart-shaped. The store was as packed as I’ve only seen it before Thanksgiving or Christmas. And almost everybody was buying Valentine’s Day stuff! Everybody! The young nurse in front of me had her half her cart filled with Valentine’s Day candy. And there were two bad-ass looking Hispanic dudes who were using the quick check-out lane holding heart-shaped balloons filled with helium. I really did wanna take a picture for you, but I was kind of scared, so I didn’t 🙂

Is Valentine’s Day big where you are?

 Everything is Bigger in Texas - Even Valentine's Day

Everything is Bigger in Texas - Even Valentine's Day

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  • I love celebrating love! 🙂
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Chicago: Day 5

    • Sabrina says:

      Nothing wrong with celebrating love 🙂 I’m looking forward to some homemade pizza tonight in honor of Valentine’s Day.

  • stephanie says:

    I went to grade school in Massachusetts, and Valentines day was always a huge deal! We all brought candy, cards, etc and even decorated our own little boxes for kids to drop their valentines gifts in to.
    I went to high school in TX and, well, I guess my school was so large and the kids did everything holiday big anyways, but there was a lot of dressing up, flowers, candy etc. The school sponsored a lot of events and candygrams and that sort of thing too!
    I’m with ya, though. I’ve never been all that in to it. It’s a nice day to relax and recognize love, but we don’t go much above homemade dinner and dessert.
    stephanie recently posted..Pregnancy is Not Sexy

    • Sabrina says:

      That’s exactly what we did last night 🙂 Homemade pizza and chocolate cake followed by watching some Netflix on the couch. Very nice and relaxing, yet still something we wouldn’t do every night. Your high school during Valentine’s sounds crazy. I’m sure as a kid it’s fun. Well, except for the pressure not the be the only single I guess. But the events sound like fun!

  • R. Sherman says:

    My (German) wife says the same thing you do. Nonetheless, I still spring for flowers and a nice Champagne. And we’ll be going out for tapas this weekend, so it’s all good.

    R. Sherman recently posted..IF . . .

    • Sabrina says:

      I’m sure flowers and champagne are always appreciated by your wife – no matter the occasion 🙂 We opted for a nice dinner at home that we usually wouldn’t take the time to make together – especially not during the week. It was fun and that way we still celebrated a little. Just more quietly.

  • Jan says:

    Here in Germany I didn’t see too many flowers or chocolates in the stores, or see a million jewelry commercials on TV…it was nice! 🙂
    Jan recently posted..Valentinstag

  • Andrea says:

    It surprises me that Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal in Germany because Germans love those big frosted gingerbread hearts with the messages on them! Or is that only a Bavarian and Austrian thing? They are so appropriate
    Andrea recently posted..Our Next Move

    • Sabrina says:

      Aaaah, the gingerbread hearts 🙂 They’re not for Valentine’s Day at all though. They can usually be found at big fairs, Christmas markets, etc. It’s not only Bavarian or Austrian. I’ve seen them on Christmas markets further north as well.

  • Marthe B says:

    Same here, really.
    When I left for Texas in 2005, Valentines Day really wasn’t such a big thing. I mean, we heard of it, and I think me and some other single ppl had a great dinner, before we went partying.

    But now, WOW. It is wverywhere! The last 5 years it has increased like no other business. and Halloween is also coming here.

    So, I cannot speak for Germany, but at least Norway is on the same continent 🙂

    • Sabrina says:

      Is it? That’s nuts! I don’t think Halloween is really big in Germany (yet), but then… we do have carnival, so maybe that’s where people get their fix for dressing up in fun costumed for the year.

      • Marthe B says:

        I know! I think it is silly. But oh well. We also have mother’s day second sunday of February, so the two days have started to clash somewhat. Hallmark Holidays I say!

        We do also have carnival, but that’s mostly for kids in kindergarden/daycare, and maybe youngsters in school. Nothing for adults. And it is in february, so maybe people like the change to have something to look forward to in fall. I don’t know. I just wished taht Halloween could have stayed in the US 😉

        • Sabrina says:

          Hallmark Holidays is so true! In Germany I think the flower shops started pushing Valentine’s Day to have one more holiday sales day, but weren’t as successful as the American ones. I had no idea you guys did carnival in Norway as well! You learn something everyday 🙂

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