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Let’s start the week off right with another Only in Texas moment 🙂 Where else could you see trucks this huge? No wonder you feel tiny in your regular-sized sedan at every traffic light! I do however wonder what the purpose of these immense monsters is…

On a side note, I also wonder why our neighbor added something to his truck with the sole purpose of making it… wait for it… louder. What? Seriously! Why would you do that? And to make sure we all know that he has this big and bad truck, he lets it warm up every morning for about 10 minutes around 7.30am. I couldn’t make this stuff up!

The picture below is not our neighbor’s truck which incidentally looks much more harmless. We saw the monster below when we were  in San Angelo for their amazing 4th of July fireworks in 2011.

Only in Texas: Crazy Big Trucks

Only in Texas: Crazy Big Truck

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