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I’m still trying to keep up with my travel workout of choice, running. It’s been more difficult though since I’ve gotten back to Lubbock because there are just so many more workout options when I am here. And doing a group class like Zumba with loud music and fun moves just tends to put me in a better mood than running – even though I do look like a complete dork of course. I also just bought a flex belt from livetofitness.com that helps tighten your stomach while working out. So, in order to motivate myself and remind myself of why I am working so hard at keeping up with the running, I went through some pictures from our last trip to look at all the cool places I ran in. I already shared with you my South China Botanical Garden route which I really enjoyed when we were in Guangzhou. When we got to France, I ran for the very first time at a beach. It was so cool! I love the beach and running by the ocean was just the best feeling ever – well, up until the next day when my legs made it very clear that they, unlike me, don’t like running in the sand. Man, it’s hard!

When we are in France, we usually stay in Lesconil, a cute little town in Brittany. It’s located all the way in the west of France. The local area (département) is called Finistère. Its biggest city by far is Brest. Other towns include Quimper, Pont L’Abbe, and Lorient. Finistère is  located in the bigger cultural region called Brittany, or Bretagne in French.

 Lesconil - France

I don’t know if the water ever gets warm enough for swimming in the summer since I’ve only ever been in the region during winter, but I would assume so. One of my favorite activities when we are in Brittany is taking really long walks at different beaches. Marco and I put on our winter clothes as soon as the sun commes out, grab our cameras, and off we are. One of my favorite beaches there is the Point de la Torche, another really pretty one is just west of the port of Lesconil, and I heard that there is one on Ile-Tudy that is also really pretty. The one that is closest to where we usually stay is just east of the port of Lesconil. See the A in the picture below? “Our beach” is that tiny half-circle just to the right of it; not the big one above Loctudy, but the tiny one right beside the A. I don’t know if that is its official name, but many people refer to it as Les Sables Blancs because there is a camping area really close to it with that name.

Lesconil - Bretagne

After eating all that China had to offer and not really holding back on French delicacies either, it was time for a long run at Les Sables Blancs.  I kind of got lost on the way back, so it turned into a much longer run that I had originally planned for, but the scenery more than made up for that. For about  ten minutes I ran through small country roads by green fields and lots of trees and enjoyed the fresh air (I think I needed to clean my lungs after our stay in smoggy China). Then I got to the beach and realized quickly that running on sand only looks great when actual runners do it… when I attempt it, I barely even more forward! It was a little easier up on the dunes on the little walkway, so that’s where I stayed. The view was beautiful. I included a few pictures below, but since I snapped them with my phone you should really check out my previous post about this pretty Brittany beach to get the right impression of this beach.

Lesconil - running to get to the beach

Brittany beach: running at Les Sables Blancs

Brittany beach: running at Les Sables Blancs

Brittany beach: running at Les Sables Blancs

This post is part of my series Workout on the Road: Running. Click on the link and you can check out more places I have been running in.

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  • R. Sherman says:

    My wife spent a summer in Brittany on an exchange program while she was in Gymnasium and loved it. She keeps telling me we need to go together.


  • Lisa says:

    That looks like a beautiful place to run! My husband always continues to run while we are traveling but I tend to take a bit of a holiday from working out when we are on vacation and sleep in a bit instead. 🙂
    Lisa recently posted..A Day at The Toronto Zoo

    • Sabrina says:

      Sleeping on vacation sounds great! 🙂 I just started doing this because our trips started getting longer and longer and after five weeks of not doing anything, I would weigh a lot more coming back and be so out of shape that working out really made me feel bad. So, my new goal is to do some sort of exercise every five days while travelling.

  • Just walking on the beach tires me out, let alone running! You go, girl!
    Ana (Ana Travels) recently posted..An impromptu walking tour in San Francisco

    • Sabrina says:

      Thanks 🙂 The views make it all worth it. But I hear you. We walked a lot on other beaches in Brittany as well and even that is tiring.

  • Donna says:

    Well, anything at the beach is automatically better! But seriously, the first time I tried running on the beach I had the same kind of experience — during was awesome and I loved it. The next day I found out just how hard I had been working when I tried to get out of bed:) I am so proud of you for making an effort to keep it up when you are traveling!

    • Sabrina says:

      Thanks Donna! It’s actually kind of fun to run while travelling. Sights are new, different environment, …makes time pass quickly. It’s harder at home where I often prefer other workouts; especially since I have no running buddy. It was so fun when you were here!

  • Ha, working out on the road?! I don’t even know what that means. 😛 We figure that our travel-related activities (like snorkeling and walking everywhere) get us sufficient exercise, but I think that might just be my laziness talking….
    Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted..The Time We Almost Got Eaten by Tigers in Chiang Mai

    • Sabrina says:

      Maybe you do much more snorkeling and walking than I ever used to do? I tried that approach and always, always gained weight on trips…. which wouldn’t have been a problem either if I would have been working to lose it right after 😉 But seriously, you guys are long term travelers. How do you stay in shape?

  • Yes! It is so hard to stay fit while traveling! I know that when I’m in a new place, I just want to eat all of the decadent local foods and lounge about. But more recently, I’m getting interested in city walking tours (you’d be interested in city running tours) as well as touring the countryside by bike.
    Kae Lani | A Travel Broad recently posted..Christopher Street Day Parade

    • Sabrina says:

      I think we’d be great travel buddies 🙂 Love sampling (or eating immense portions of) local food, but am also trying to stay active. I have never done a city walking tour, but I’m sure I’d enjoy it as well. We did once rent bikes in Italy and explored a pine forest and nearby beach and it was amazing.

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