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It’s spring and in West Texas that means crazy weather ups and downs are in full swing. Last week I was sweating when I left the house in a T-shirt. This weekend, I barely stepped outside because it was drizzling and it turned into freezing rain at times. Today, we’re back up to summery temperatures paired with fairly strong winds. Talk about schizophrenic! Somehow all these weather changes remind me of how bad it was last summer. It hadn’t rained in forever. There were burn bans, we weren’t allowed to BBQ in our backyard, there were major wildfires, the landscapes between cities looked terribly scarred after the fires had swept through, and most cities had cancelled their 4th of July fireworks – except for little, quaint, and surprisingly quirky San Angelo. So, of course that’s where we headed to see some fireworks. While driving through town, we spotted this animated ad by a church encouraging everybody to pray for rain. Only in Texas!

Only in Texas: Pray for Rain

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