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A friend of mine just moved to London and when she posted on Facebook that she was spending the afternoon close to Canary Wharf, I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite restaurants in London called The Grapes. I don’t know why I’ve heard so many bad things about English food. When we were in London last August, I did not have a single meal I didn’t like. Check out my guide to great English food in London if you want to see more about the different foods we ate.

Famous Fish Restaurant in London: The Grapes

The Grapes is located in Limehouse, an area of London close to Canary Wharf. There’s a cute canal with a little port (the Limehouse Basin), you can stroll along the Thames, and sit in one of the many restaurants close to the water and have a drink. Or you can do what we did and head to The Grapes for fish and chips with a view. The Grapes has a very typical English pub downstairs and a well-known fish restaurant upstairs. Check out their website for details on the long history of the place. The Grapes even appears, somewhat disguised, in Charles Dickens’ work. When we were there, it seemed that there were many locals alongside a few tourists. Really great atmosphere! And once you get to the upstairs restaurant, you’ll have a great view of the Thames as the restaurant is located right at the water. It’s beautiful! Check out some of the pics we took below. I had meant to include pictures of the delicious catch of the day (a whole fish; battered and fried of course), the “chips” (huge fries), and the mashed peas (which taste much better than they look) we indulged in, but it looked all so delicious that in the heat of the moment I completely forgot about my camera 🙂 Believe me when I say that the food is totally worth it though.

Know before you go:

  • If you are staying in downtown London, you can either take the infamous Tube or you can get there by boat. I prefer the boat option as it’s faster, a different kind of experience, and not really much more expensive than taking the subway. One company that can get you from downtown London to Canary Wharf is thames clippers. They have high speed catamarans and get you there in no time. Oh, and you get to pass under the Tower Bridge on your way. Lots of fun! Locals actually use the thames clippers to communte… 
  • The upstairs restaurant is rather small with just a handful of people. If you want to be guaranteed a spot, I would suggest you call ahead and reserve. If you’re just a couple of people, they might be able to seat you in the pub downstairs, but you’ll miss out on the view.
  • The portion sizes are huge! We all ordered the catch of the day and a side of chips (fries) and mashed peas. It was way too much. If I get to go again, I would suggest ordering maybe a fish per person (if you’re hungry) and splitting the sides.

Great English Food in London: The Grapes in Limehouse

Great English Food in London: The Grapes in Limehouse

Great English Food in London: The Grapes in Limehouse

Great English Food in London: The Grapes in Limehouse

Great English Food in London: The Grapes in Limehouse

Great English Food in London: The Grapes in Limehouse

Panorama: Click on it to see bigger version

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