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Have you ever been to Rome in August? It is beautiful as it always it – just hotter. The big difference to other times of the year is that everybody is on vacation. The Romans who didn’t book vacations to leave the heat of the city hang out at the beaches and lakes in the region any chance they get. So, follow the locals when the sightseeing just gets too hot and cool off in a lake or the Mediterranean .

One really pretty beach we went to last year when we were in Rome is called Santa Marinella. It’s about 60km northwest of Rome. We usually rent a car when we are there, so it was easy to get there and actually kind of nice to see a little more of the area in the process. From what I understand there are some beaches near Rome that are closer to the city center but I was told that the water there is really murky and that it’s not really nice to swim in there. So, we decided to drive just a little further and get to a much prettier beach. Apparently, there are multiple beaches in Santa Marinella. We went to one a little south of the actual city. And guess what, our beach even had a castle on it. How neat is that? We didn’t visit the castle then, but I found out later that it is called Castello Santa Severa and that they are restoring it and have made it into a museum. This website has more information. The neat thing about this beach was that there is a big and convenient parking lot right behind the castle. From there it’s only a few minutes to the beach. This is where it gets tricky. The beach is kind of sectioned off and belongs to different restaurants/areas. You can either choose to rent some space, an umbrella, and mats from them or walk just a little further away and plop your own towels on the public part of the beach. That’s what we did to save some money. The sand is the same and we really didn’t need the chairs and the umbrella since we only wanted to stay for a few hours. Before leaving the beach we did go to one of the restaurants, had some pizza-sandwiches and some delicious Algida (Lagnese in Germany, Good Humor in the US – all part of the Heartbrand ice cream by Unilever) and used their facilities. Really a great way of spending an afternoon with friends.

When we were there, it wasn’t terribly full, but check out the last picture I found on Wikimedia Commons. Apparently, this beach can get packed at times.

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Rome to Castello di Santa Severa

beaches near Rome: Santa Marinella
beaches near Rome: Santa Marinella
Severa Castle

via Wikimedia Commons

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