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It’s been a while since I posted anything in my Only in Texas series. Luckily I just realized that I never shared this gem of a story with you: cows on campusΒ πŸ™‚ One afternoon last semester Marco called me with the craziest piece of news. He had been stuck on Marsha Sharp Freeway (a highway close to campus) because of cows running on the highway. Say what? Turns out the cows had made a run for it when they were supposed to be transported away from campus. By the time, Marco saw them they already had people in pick-ups following the two cows trying to catch them. I later found out that they went toΒ ropers from the Texas Tech Ranch Horse Team for help. They called one at home and found the other in class. Can you imagine that happening anywhere but Texas? And can you imagine how cool these semi-professional ropers must have felt? You’re sitting in class and somebody comes running in, calls your name, and tells you that you have to help them get a cow off the streets. I mean, seriously, when does that ever happen? KCBD, the local news station, posted an article about the attempted cow escape here with a few more details: http://www.kcbd.com/story/15695971/udder-confusion-cows-flee-cops-on-marsha-sharp-freeway. I also included Marco’s pics below here. When he saw the cows coming towards the highway, he quickly pulled out his phone and started snapping.

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Only in Texas: Cows on Campus

Only in Texas: Cown on Campus

Only in Texas: Cown on Campus

Only in Texas: Cown on Campus

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