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Last summer we  spent a good week in Rome and took a quick day trip to Monte San Vito, a tiny town at the other side of the country. Sounds far, but since Italy is much longer than it is wide, it only took us about three hours. As usual, we had good reason for such a crazy day trip: visiting family. Marco’s uncle was spending the summer there and we wanted to see him. Monte San Vito is a great little town. You should visit (uncle or no uncle) if you get the chance and I promise to write more about it sometime soon.

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For now, let me tell you about something that really caught my attention: the town’s cemetery. I don’t know if it’s a typical Italian cemetery. I can tell you that it’s unlike any cemetery I have seen in Germany or the US. Most cemeteries I have seen have mostly tomb stones with the actual grave beneath and maybe some mausoleums. This Italian cemetery in Monte San Vito had walls and walls of graves instead where people were buried: either with a whole casket or after being cremated in an urn I believe. I have never seen anything like this. Something else I hadn’t seen at other cemeteries is that most gravestones had pictures of the deceased. The only thing similar to other cemeteries I have been to were the flowers and lights on the graves… and the serious and somber atmosphere. I don’t know why, but the thought of these tombs being closed so tight kind of freaked me out. I guess I prefer the idea of the casket or urn rotting away under some earth. Seems a little more natural. However, I think that might just be because it is what I am used to seeing and thinking about…

Have you ever been to a cemetery like this? Is it what you would have expected from an Italian cemetery?


Italian Cemetery

Italian Cemetery

Italian Cemetery

Italian Cemetery

Italian Cemetery

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