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Labor Day is supposedly the end of summer – well, I basically spent it at the pool and thought about how we really don’t have the full four seasons in West Texas. I sometimes miss the changing of the colors in the fall and when the flowers all start to bloom in the spring after a cold and gray winter in Germany, but mostly I love that summer starts early and lasts forever here in West Texas. Pool season starts in April and doesn’t end until late October – with a few colder days towards the end. There is another fun contest, Capture the Seasons, making the rounds right now and thanks to Nancie from Budget Travelers Sandbox who invited me to participate, I had a great reason to dive into some old pictures and show you what images the different seasons evoke for me. Make sure to head over to Nancie’s post about the four seasons and you’ll surely be surprised what the thought of winter evokes for her 🙂


 … ideally includes the sea and the beach and swimming and laying in the sun for me. And I have the best memories of spending time in Safaga, Egypt, with my mom, my sister, her husband, and of course Marco.

Summer in Safaga, Egypt


… used to include the changing of the colors, rain, and colder temperatures. Since I moved to Texas… well, there are not that many trees and the colors therefore really don’t change all that much. It does rain, but not nearly as much as in Germany. And while it gets colder, it gets colder much later. And when it gets cold it really is more winter-cold out of a sudden. We kind of skip fall here. However, I acquired two new traditions that are now distinctive parts of fall for me: Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Halloween in the US


No matter how long I live in Texas, winters to me include all things German: Christmas markets,  Advent traditions, and hoping that there is snow for Christmas. While that didn’t always happen when I was growing up, it has happened quite a few times over the past few years as Marco and I were visiting my family. So much fun!

Winter in Germany


… includes travelling. We’ve been to Las Vegas, the Texas hill country, China, skiing in New Mexico. So when I think of spring I think of the local and international trips we have taken over the years. The picture below is from a Chinese hot pot fiest in Guangzhou.

Eating in China

This is my entry in Booked.net‘s “Capture the Season” and I invite the following bloggers to join this photo contest .

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