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Back in China: Impressions

December 22, 2012

We just landed in China and we have some time to kill before our connecting flight to Guangzhou.  What better to do than finally end my blogging hiatus and write a few words again?!  So,  here are my new and old China impressions in no particular order:

– English doesn’t get you anywhere.
– Plastic bags and cartons are appropriate carry ons.  Backpacks? Overrated!
– Staring is a-ok. I feel like a freak already and it’s only been a few hours. People actually stop to get a better look. What’s wrong with me?
– Burberry is the most copied and coveted brand…  Bags,  purses, scarves,
and shirts abound.
– Big shiny puffy plastic jackets are all the rage for guys.
– Lines are suggestions rather than something you have to stick to.
– Personal space? What’s that?
– Fake Starbucks makes pretty decent coffee.
– Signs include noodle bowls for Chinese restaurants and forks and knives for Western food.






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