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After living in the north of Texas for so long, I got used to a very dry climate: lots of sunshine, great blue skies, and warm weather; cool animals like horned toads and longhorns; oil pumps and windmills; and even a ridiculous dust storm. But also… very little green. I mean, it’s so dry that one year there were wildfires everywhere and churches put up Pray for Rain signs! So since we’ve been in Italy, I notice and appreciate plants and wildlife and different landscapes much more than I used to when living in Germany. Everything here in Emilia-Romagna grows so quickly, it’s amazing. That’s why it’s time for a new series: “Italy Nature Pics” 🙂

To start it off, check out this beautiful field of wheat. Every June, you drive around the countryside here and see huge stretches of golden fields everywhere. Beautiful!

italy nature pics - field of wheat

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