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A few weeks ago, we woke up on a Sunday and had nothing to do. I had had a migraine the day before and woke up feeling normal again. That was enough to make me feel great! Not having pain after being in pain really changes your mood. So, I started googling to see what we could do that day and La Spezia caught my eye. It’s not even two hours from here and I had been wanting to see that region for a while. So we decided to go for lunch at the La Spezia port. I figured you can’t go wrong with a port, right? We’ve eaten at many ports and the food hasn’t disappointed us yet. Once we even ate at an old submarine base in France! So, we plugged La Spezia port in the GPS and off we went.

The moment we passed through the Appeninni, we drove from beautiful, warm sun to clouds and rain. Ah, the difference a small mountain range can make! But I think because of the relatively bad weather, there were much less people out and about in La Spezia and that helped us find a parking spot close to the esplanade at the port. We left the car and started walking. To one side you have a the huge commercial port and to the other the small port with all the fancy yachts. (I looked it up. It’s called Porto Mirabello in case you want to put it in your GPS too one day.) One of the yachts was so big that I mistook it for a cruise ship. And I’m not even kidding.

When you walk toward the small port with the yachts you pass over a pretty neat bridge. It’s called the Tahon de Revel Bridge and it’s very pretty. From there you have a great view back toward the city on the hill and the small yachts all around. I also found out that La Spezia has one of the main military harbors in Italy. There were huge Italian Navy ships in a seperate part of the port that you could see from the small yacht port. Apparently there also is a Navy museum, but it was Sunday over lunch and when we tried calling to see if they were open, nobody answered. Instead we decided to go stay at the yacht port and have lunch right there.

It wasn’t a very pretty day, so there weren’t too many people and we found a nice spot at one of the restaurants. Since it was pretty fresh, we decided on a cozy table inside. Turned out to be a good call. When we got back out, everything was soaking wet outside. We didn’t even notice the downpour that must have happened while we stuffed our face with mini-gnocchi and fried seafood 🙂 And later the clouds even cleared up and we could continue to Cincque Terre. Conclusion? If you have nothing to do on a Sunday, definitly head to La Spezia for lunch!

La Spezia Port Lunch - the bridge

La Spezia Port Lunch - the commercial port background

La Spezia Port Lunch - city view

La Spezia Port Lunch - military port

La Spezia Port Lunch - yachts and restaurants

La Spezia Port Lunch - menu

La Spezia Port Lunch - plating at its best

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