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Who am I?

My name is Sabrina. I am a serial expat, travel a lot, and most of the time I love it! I am originally from Germany and have lived in Egypt, France, and the US. Currently I’m living in Italy.

Being an expat really opens your eyes. It allows you to experience new customs and view old ones in a different light. So, when I am not writing about travelling, I’m writing about different expat topics. Since we spent so much time in Texas, it has its own category: Texas Ramblings. And La Dolce Vita is slowly filling up with posts from living and traveling in Italy.

The photos throughout my posts are from both Marco and me. Usually the credit for the more artful ones goes to Marco 🙂

One of my favorite vacation places: the beach. I’ll try to get to one wherever I travel!


Want to know more about me?

You can find my very first interview on BlogExpat: From Germany to Texas

And here are some of the posts I’ve written that I feel say a little bit more about me:

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